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Freedom (bei venox250 )

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Freedom Diskussion

Nov 23 2012 at 20:27
20 Posts
Hi Kiss,
i think you are the creator of famous xmeter EA.
i knew about it 2 years ago and study/improve it, you've really made a very good piece of code, lovely.

i worked a lot on statisticall approach, neural network, pattern ... but without success
i worked a lot also on martingale, and sometime of course i wanted too much and lost of course

with these 3-4 years of work, i really think martingale approach with safe and clever management is a good way to gain month by month.

i contact you if you are still working on project like xmeter, if you try to improve it ?
i also created a society 1 year ago and managed a lot of money with another guy ... i used trend technics in EA and now i want to add a safe martingale EA, i would like to know if you still work in this approach ... maybe we can collaborate if possible

good continuation

venox250 (venox250)
Nov 23 2012 at 20:39
18 Posts
You are partly right, I was adding features to xMeter EA about 2 years ago but I'm not the original author.
Let's discuss further in mail, not here at my system's page.

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