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GET IN ICM (bei Profit )

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GET IN ICM Diskussion

Profit (avd7)
May 08 2021 at 10:32
3 Posts
New version of the advisor 'GET IN V2':

 100 % automated trading Advisor that uses patterns in the daytime from 08:00-19:00 . Expert Advisor developed by the author, successfully tested on real trading accounts.
The algorithm for entering a trade is the same, but with a reduced risk of 0.8%, and a lower drawdown on the balance by 30%.
The Expert Advisor opens the first order for a signal, and if the price moves by more than 200 points in five-digit quotes, it opens another one, the gradation of opening deals: 200/600/1400/2200 points. The maximum deposit load for all transactions is 5%

- Total volume for transactions 0.8-5% of the Deposit
- 10-30 (unknown) trades in a month
- not martingale
- from 10-20% per month (Year 250-300%)

You must have a leverage of 1:500
MAX drawdown is possible once or twice a year and about 28%

To trade successfully and 1:1, make sure that your Deposit is equal to or greater than mine !!!
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Always withdraw profit)

'GET IN V2' live Data Center
 United Kingdom, London


Pips Laws (Piplaws)
Jun 02 2021 at 09:49
28 Posts
I am curious to know more about this system, do you mind sharing some details about it here
Profit (avd7)
Jun 05 2021 at 18:47
3 Posts
What exactly are you interested in? I kind of described everything I could
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