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knockout (bei ram )

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knockout Diskussion

ram (ramliam)
Apr 21 2010 at 22:39
106 Posts
my EA will analyze the market 24H/6,
i have 3 serevers that collect data from the market.
here is few facts about my EA:
the EA design to stealth the broker,thet mean the the SL and TP that the broker see is totaly diffrent from what it's.
Apr 22 2010 at 00:20
131 Posts
Forget using 'stealth' TP/SL - Just get a honest broker. Stealth cant help you when a broker requotes, freezes and slips your orders.
It ain't easy being Cheesy!
ram (ramliam)
Apr 22 2010 at 00:39
106 Posts
hey fulltime247,
that is correct ,we both know that ATC is the best one out there,
but the problem is they have only 0.1 lot.
best regards
Apr 22 2010 at 00:56
37 Posts
hi, looks good, congrats! will monitor this
ram (ramliam)
Apr 22 2010 at 01:14
106 Posts
thanks petrafx,
your support mean alot to me.
best regards
Fortenova (fortenova)
Apr 27 2010 at 22:39
35 Posts

The increase in lot sizes show me there is a martingale element in the EA. Eventually it will go wrong.
Trading should be boring otherwise you are losing money.
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Apr 28 2010 at 00:12
814 Posts
Well, martingale is a very good MM, but putting 9 pairs together is definitely a suicide mission. Not enough money to martingale dance.
Information is Gold when come to organised.
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