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My-LionFX-test (bei SnapDragon2016 )

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My-LionFX-test Diskussion

Sep 20 2016 at 10:16
102 Posts
Okay so you may have noticed that the amount that the trades are worth has gone up.

The only thing I changed was the lot value in the EA.
When the Lot value is set to 0.0 the EA decides how much to trade based on account balance etc.

I set it manually at 0.5 because that's as much as I feel I should chance, the EA was trading .05 and that was netting profits of like $2.50 and that's just not worth the time to me.

This is the only deviation from the recommended settings.

Cheers . 😀
That sound you hear is God laughing as he hears traders say "I know for sure what way the market is going".
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