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Real (bei aprofitsignals )

Der Benutzer hat dieses System gelöscht.

Real Diskussion

Nov 02 2019 at 10:37
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Congratulations on the results.
I also have the mpgo.
With what strategy have you achieved these results?
No indi, SAR, TMA, Watr, Snake?

Thank you
Nov 03 2019 at 23:19
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I use MPGO as a semi-automated EA, that is to execute trades, however the settings are revised daily. I can connect you to receive the same signals and same performance.
Email me [email protected] for details.


Nov 14 2019 at 12:01
1 Posts
HI Adam!

Please accept my congratulations for above mentioned perfomance too. One worries is drawdown above 40%. U are boss of that trades....let me know your opinion:is that sudden event becouse new system or ?
Dec 29 2019 at 16:11
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