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Strategy FxPCA (bei tradinginmarkets )

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Strategy FxPCA Diskussion

tradinginmarkets (tradingest)
Jan 09 2019 at 08:10
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The world of financial markets is constantly evolving and nowadays more than 70% of transactions are made completely automatically thanks to the use of complex algorithms, systems designed and tested that allow you to manage the life of the trade in complete autonomy, from entry to exit, managing and controlling the risk in the best way with the aim of generating constant profits reducing losses as much as possible (it is impossible to build a trading system without losses, these represent the cost necessary to obtain profits).

Imagine an ideal world where to pay only if satisfied with the service or product used.
The strategy FxPCA is performed on real accounts and we want to base our compensation only on the performance of the strategy.
We want investors to have our same market conditions, thus avoiding higher spreads, management fees and any other fixed cost.
Only performance fees will be retained, for us transparency and freedom are everything!

Grow together we can!!

In our Telegram channel you can find all details and contact for any request:
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