I have been trading for over 30 years in various asset classes and their derivatives. My background is in Computer Science and trading technology. My current focus is in FX and the creation of trading robots in MT4.
I trade purely systematically. My entries are primarily based on price action. Most of my strategies are based on taking a position with respect to volatility. I place a heavy emphasis on risk and money management. I believe that 99% of the effort of creating a successful trade revolves around stop management and position sizing.
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Systems by FXKaiten

Name Gewinn Drawdown Pips Trading Hebel Typ
Live Price Action 4 -7.35% 18.16% -403.0 Gemischt 1:400 Real
JS Live 500 -10.99% 20.45% -11035.7 - 1:400 Real
PARMan 2 0.64% 13.22% 442.5 - - Demo
MT4 652x6 -9.81% 70.81% -4089.8 - - Demo