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I write some market commentary, thoughts and some of my own trading experience:

Trading mid- to long-term macro strategies. Among that I mix more short-term swing trading after the return of volatility, including technical trading where it allows among the bigger macro trades, including trend following.

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Systems by ZOOM

Name Gewinn Drawdown Pips Trading Hebel Typ
Hedge Strategies -99.86% 99.90% 143701.4 - 1:100 Real
Mid-term -40.30% 47.31% -2035.7 Manuell 1:50 Real
1% Rule -33.30% 4.13% 4142.7 Gemischt 1:50 Real
ZOOM Jan 02 2015 at 04:34
May 2015 be a prosperous trading year. 2014 has been a good year, a full trading year tracked here by MyFXbook. Plenty of thoughts and strategies to study for the new year and lessons learned from the mistakes.
ZOOM Dec 01 2014 at 05:14
Have restored the Hedge Strategies account and funded an experimental new account which will strictly abide by the 1% of account size per trade rule. The internal fund transfers were about 2.75% of the Main account. Not sure if those would show up as withdrawals, though the transactions will be ultimately shown as withdrawals.
ZOOM Nov 05 2014 at 07:50
Not an easy day today. Had to drop off several large trades, accumulated just after the BoJ's Halloween trick. It was painful but far from the agony of reducing some positions during the two mad volatility weeks in October. This time it was a planned explosion. Now this allows me to go much smoother in a very specific direction.
ZOOM Feb 10 2014 at 21:53
Much calmer start to the week compared to the crazy one last week. I took a few heavy hits and interesting lessons learned. So has the EM crisis calmed down its ripples in the FX DM markets?