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Since the launch of the trading software, we've made over 148% ROI in the past 10 months. These trades were carried out from 08.19.19 to 05.25.20.
Contact us for more info: [email protected]

The current trading account is with a new broker which is in the testing phase for our trading algo, but client accounts will be opened with already vetted brokerages (The name of the brokerage will be shared upon registration).
We have also partnered with brokerages to maximise profitability as well as minimize slippage and spread.
We are constantly improving and updating our trading algorithm to suit all market conditions.
Our hardworking team has one goal in mind, which is to serve our clients and provide an automated trading software solution so our clients can sleep well while their money is working for them fully automated without any user input.
We also provide an affiliate program which pays out commissions on a monthly basis, to find out more please contact us:
[email protected]


Investors always comes first.

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