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Gesamtwertung: 3.4 / 5

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Axi Diskussion

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All good. Just works.
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Very good broker, fast assistance to the clients
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Great and trusted broker
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I'am here cuz this broker appear at chelton wealth website along with Global Prime also, so far good, the candle same as IC Market, quick trade statement report, downloadable trade statements in dashboard.
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My prefered broker for years!
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Otima plataforma para acompanhar
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All ok. Last 3 years Ive been using it no issues at all well the only problem is my trading :) I Can definitely recommend.
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I've been with Axitrader for the last 3 months. I find them very good broker, tight spread, excellent customer relation and receive my withdrawals within 4 day.... Recommended
Kill that fear inside you...
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SCAM Broker, with very bad owner history.... No More
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dadotradez posted:
They're really good, efficient operation. Great customer service and smooth transactions. Best booker I ever meet.
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Comencé a comerciar aquí hace un par de meses. No puedo decir nada especial sobre la empresa. He probado los retiros de dinero, la ejecución y el soporte, todo funciona bien. Pero necesito dedicar más tiempo al comercio para ser más objetivo.
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I am very dissatisfied with this broker's spreads. I am using them to auto trade Pro Trading Strategy The combined spread is terrible.

Below is just a snapshot of a few trades this week but multiple trades have slippage of 6,7 or 8 pips and one was 34.5 pips.

22 trading days, 26 trades and 144.8 pips slippage. Customers service are unhelpful, dismissive and refuse to provide a proper explanation or proof that 34.5 pips should have happened.
Open Date Close date Symbol Action Lots SL TP Open Price Close Price Open Slippage Close Slippage Total Slippage
04.26.2018 23:57 04.27.2018 04:07 GBPCAD Buy 0.06 1.78148 1.79240 1.79169 1.79221 -2.1 -1.5 -3.6
04.25.2018 23:00 04.26.2018 00:03 GBPCAD Buy 0.06 1.77965 - 1.78980 1.78784 -1.5 -6.9 -8.4
04.25.2018 22:10 04.26.2018 00:03 GBPCAD Buy 0.07 1.78007 1.80007 1.79012 1.78784 -1.4 -33.1 -34.5

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.
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I have just opened one Real account with this broker but real spread on this mt4 Platform was different from spread on myfxbook portal
I talked with support UK this problem and they told me that will investigate Never come back with explanation
In my mt4 spread was alway marked up with 0.2 pip from or . I think they use other accounts for advertise

Never deposited
Right now trading with FXOPEN UK not the best cost per trading but trades always executed without problem
In my opinion any mt4 broker
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Withdrawal within 3days
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
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I've since decided to move brokers. I switched over to a Real ECN broker. Having no dealing desk seems like a plus to me.
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ASIC regulated and easy to withdraw. Good broker.
All is possible! In trading: Strategy is a given, Execution is an art.
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