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Oct 16 2017 at 11:49
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Note: Im not the friend referred above. So it seems I am not the only customer whom Colmex stole the funds from.

Colmex is an awful broker. To call it a broker even is a generous act. As scammer or burglar would be more appropriate.

Have been trading with them for several months. As soon as some interesting profits are made, Colmex makes up an investigation process, comes up with absurd conclusions, terminates the account and seizes the complete amount of profits. In the process they don't substantiate anything, they don't communicate. They just make a lump sum debit in your MT4 account and steal your money.

During the whole process, I was naive enough and I complied with all they asked me, but even so since more than one month now Colmex has not answered a single email, namely to clarify where are the funds they stole away from me.

You trade, you make gains, they loose due to their rigged business model, they close your account, they steal your money, they don't communicate and leave no other option for you than to hit social media.

This broker is great for traders who loose money. If your plan is to be profitable, stay away as you will get into real problems getting your money back.

Disclaimer: this post is one of the several ways I have at my disposal to pressure Colmex to come clean and return the funds which belong to me. I aim not only to warn other possible traders and customers, but also and above all, to recover my funds back from Colmex, I wish to make this very clear.

Steve B (stevetrade)
Oct 11 2017 at 19:56
1415 Posts
Just had a catch up with a friend of mine who told me Colmex just closed his account and removed ALL his profits.

Now I know my friend and I know he will not have been doing anything in breach of his contract.

I would avoid Colmex until this is cleared up.

I'll keep you posted.


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