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Feb 12 2017 at 18:28
58 Posts
Execution is a bigger fact for me which I suffered a lot with different brokers. There are hundreds of brokers promising fake promises and not living up to their promise. After depositing at their broker they stop communicating for any issues and that is quite annoying. Forex market is very competitive and issues may occur any time but without support its like walking in a desert with no water. I really appreciate trade24 as their main thing i liked is quick execution even in the high impact news time. I really loved their execution timing and overall support and solving of issues talent. Great broker indeed.

To change your trading result, just change your thinking.
Dec 30 2015 at 09:06
5 Posts
This is not a true review but an advertising...

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Oct 08 2015 at 06:11
1 Posts
TRADE24 is one of the oldest Forex brokers on the internet and a multi-national brand that each month services thousands of traders, novices and professionals alike, with the best trading experience possible.
The website is available in 3 languages, English, Russian and Arabic where all pages are available in all languages.

Financial reports:
TRADE24 provides their clients with daily reviews in all three languages that the website supports. They give an extensive look on the world economy and provide a deeper insight in to subjects that can affect traders and have influence on the outcomes of their trades.

The support that the company provides their clients is first class with a team of support agents that are standing by to serve their clients and make sure that their feedback or requests are dealt with in a quick and smooth manner.

Trading experience:
The trading experience with TRADE24 is extensive as there are a number of different tools that you can trade with, whether you want to trade socially with their social trading platform, or if you're a day trader that wants those quick trades and quick money.
Whatever your preference is there is a tool with TRADE24 that you can use.

TRADE24 has put alot of effort in to the user experience setting up an academy, instructional videos and a resource center. With the tools a trader can find exactly what he or she is looking for and will always have somewhere to go. One of the largest assets of TRADE24 is the personal account manager that each trader has, and for smooth handling the customer service is standing by to make sure that all matters gets handled quickly and correctly.
Why dont you visit today:

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