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Premium Trading Rezensionspunkte

Punkte Gesamt: 3.1 / 5

Gesamtstimmen: 25
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Premium Trading Diskussion

Jan 14 2015 at 09:26
2 Beiträge
I have been using premiumtrading for about a year.

The rebates are the best you can find, payments are always made before 5th, and cashouts from premiumtrading to your account are processed in hours.

So far the service is very good.

Dec 24 2015 at 07:29
1 Beiträge
I work with this service for several years. Really high rebates. Problems with payments not there. I recommend.

VHDFX (b0ovvo0d)
May 27 2016 at 07:04
7 Beiträge
nice very nice i use about 6 years .gooooood

Jul 21 2016 at 05:17
1 Beiträge
I use premiumtrading for more then 2 years now. Payment are always made before the 5th. Easy to use. cashout happens within 1 day. I am very happy with the service.

Everthing is possible - also the opposite!
Mohammed Ragheb (Ragheb)
Jan 23 2018 at 14:57
4 Beiträge
They are some liers
3 months waiting my commissions from trading through thinkmarkets
and tell me everytime lies and jokes
be aware from them i will never use this service again

Mike (ProScalpers)
Apr 17 2018 at 05:37
1 Beiträge
ThinkMarkets delayed and finaly recalculated rebates for crypto trades in Oct-Dec 2017. It affected delays with all their IBs.

Aug 23 2019 at 03:32
1 Beiträge
i've been using it for over a year now, it's great with hassle free withdrawals

Sergey (SeriyGena)
Sep 28 2020 at 08:25
4 Beiträge
Very smooth operation, very flexible with withdrawals, high return. Highly recommended.

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