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Forex Cyborg

Gain : +190.79%
Drawdown 19.88%
Pips: 6076.3
Transactions 2941
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:200
Trading: Automatisé

Discussion Forex Cyborg

Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Jul 20 2017 at 06:53
posts 27
Hello zhya2000,

Forex Cyborg has a filter to avoid trading on days with strong movements / high volatility.
That is (for example) the reason, why we had no trade from yesterday to today. Yesterday some strong movements appeared and Forex Cyborg skipped the trading session in this case to prevent big looses.

I hope I could answer your question.

Feel free to send me a PN or use the contact form on the website to ask me every you want to know.

Best regards,
Forex Cyborg Team

Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Jul 24 2017 at 13:56
posts 27
Because of several request, we added a new broker for US-Clients with the broker FinProTrading:


Aug 03 2017 at 18:14
posts 54
The two main losses are unfortunate, as it seems your EA 1st got it right, and decided to not close in profit, and then the significant reversal took place with both hitting the SL. Guess it thought it was going to squeeze more profit out of the trades, but would have hoped that when things started to go wrong that it would have gotten out with a small profit, or at least closer to break even instead of hitting the SL. Fingers crossed for better trades going forward.

Anything you see in your EA that might require updating to account for this scenario? I see that it work off predefined settings for the pairs.... was it working of historical norms for the currency?


Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Aug 07 2017 at 06:29
posts 27
Hello todompoll,

Thank you for your message.

Forex Cyborg works as expected. The exit rules are complex and have a point system that take into calculation many factors, like the last movements, the current spread, time time the trade is already open, some indicator datas and many more. Based on this factors it calculate a value and decide to close a trade or let it run.
Based on the historical tests, we expect a max. DD of 20% on this account. So I see no problem here currently.
We always work on the entry + exit rules and for sure we will update Forex Cyborg in the future here and there, but overall we are happy with the performance.

Feel free to contact us directly on our website if you have more questions.

Aug 20 2017 at 06:35
posts 7
Hello Forex Cyborg,

I already bought your product and i have a few questions can you help me please, i ask them here cause the answers could help me but also everyone at the same time.

1) This one is not a question but it's just to tell you that you made a rather big mistake on your website for the EURAUD and your GBPAUD pairs, you tell us that you deposited 1000$ but when i look at the backtest i see that in reality you deposited 100$.

2) On your website, on this page https://forexcyborg.com/results/Portfolio.htm , i know that this isn't a backtest done on one account and containing the 14 pairs during the backtest, you just took the individual backtests and just gathered them using quant analyser, but the thing that i want to tell you is i notice that on the results below there is the details for each pairs, the numbers of trades and the net profit in $ are the same than the ones on the backtests. The questions that i want to ask you is why the drawdown are not the same as the one on the backtests? For exemple look on Quant Analyser for EURAUD the drawdown is 51.98% but on the individual backtest that you did for EURAUD the relative drawdown was 49.87%.
Also on Quant Analyser page, for USDCHF the drawdown is 19.15% but on the individual backtest that you did for USDCHF the relative drawdown was 26.62%.
Can you explain please why the drawdown are not the same?

3) My last question is about your currenccy correlation manager. In theory it is suppossed to give better results if you activate it than if you dont activate it right? That is the theory.
My question is: How did you backtested your Currency Correlation Manager? I guess you didn't backtested it right? cause metatrader 4 is not able to do a backtest on multiple pairs at the same time. So if you can't backtest the Currency Correlation Manager you are obliged to look at the results on a live trading acccount and compare with another live trading account in which the Currency Correlation Manager is not activated. Did you do that?
If you didn't do that how could you be sure if the Currency Correlation Manager is degrading or improving the results?

     Thanks for your time.

Forex Cyborg (forexcyborg)
Aug 22 2017 at 14:41
posts 27
Hello Pricerise,

Thank you for your feedback!

1.) Right, we will change it. But it will not effect the performance at all.

2.) The portfolio is generated by QuantAnalyzer a 3rd party tool. You can test it yourself: Just download all backtests from the website and put it into the tool. I can't explain you why QuantAnalyzer shows a different drawdown. I trust in the single backtests based on the strategy tester + TDS 2 (with dukascopy tick data)

3.) The currency correlation manager is risk control instrument to limit the overall risk on trendy markets.
Turning it off will produce more risk. That can lead to more gains, but also to higher drawdowns in one trading session.
Due to the limitations of the strategy tester, we are limited to one pair per back test. So we can not test all pairs at once.
So you are right: The currency correlation manager can not be backtested.

Have a great day!

Aug 23 2017 at 06:42
posts 64

Aug 23 2017 at 06:44
posts 7
Ok, thanks for the answers,

I decided to use Forex Cyborg on only the 9 best pairs, thoses 9 pairs are the ones with the higher gain for the lowest drawdown.

Also i desactivated the currency correlation manager and i use the conservative preset instead of the normal preset for each pair.

And the Risk Per Trade = 6. Now only the time will tell me if i was right :)

Aug 23 2017 at 20:08
posts 95
Historical prices won't predict the future.
So I doubt, only using the 9 best in backtest would increase your performance.

I'm not sure, what's the difference between conservative or normal.

Aug 24 2017 at 06:41
posts 7
If you are using a strategy that gave poor results each year for the past 6 years then the probability for it to give bad results on the coming year is higher than average.
If a strategy gave good results for the past 10 years, the probability for it to give good results on the coming year is high.

Forex is all about probabilities. No one know the futur, when someone enter the market it's all about probabilities of winning more money than what you lose.

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