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Hopefully one day all brokers will behave as Darwinex, no more tricks or scams. Their model is the future of trading being at trader's side and not againts us.

Happy trading guys
posts 1
each withdrawal costs me 42 usd aprox. due to darwinex bank fee. As it was explained me after the first withdrawal that all payments to some banks in some countries assume additional commission from barclays bank. So it would be better to check it before opening an account. All the other things like spread,support etc. are good.
posts 5
I have been with Darwinex for about 6 months now and is a recommended broker! Excellent Customer Service. Highly Recommended. I have tried with two other brokers and Darwinex is good, spread is very competitive.

1. Excellent customer service
2. Withdrawal is easy - up to 3 days wire transfer UK
3. No charge on deposits or withdrawals
4. Spread is very competitive and commission of 25 USD per million USD (50 round-trip) is good.
5. Their MT4 server is hosted at Equinix LD4, so once your trade reaches their MT4 server you should be in and out in 4 ms. BeaksFX offer VPS with X-Connect if you think internet latency is going to be an issue for your strategy.

1. I have observed Slippage!
Darwinex feedback was 'On slippage - we're a DMA broker so slippage is structural as explained here. Also, I would be weary of 'brokers' who don't have slippage, as explained in this webinar'

2. Their market opens at 22:05 instead of 22:00 GMT, which means I miss out of a few pips at the open.
Darwinex feedback was;
That's correct. The reason is that most traditional (and therefore trustworthy-ish) LPs do not start feeding properly until 22:05, and before that volatility can be too severe.

3. Their liquidity provider is LMAX and they are not really the best. I have observed unnecessary spikes at sometimes during news releases, when compared with other brokers for instance. I hope they soon move to or include other options. But, please do not take this as a very negative point as some of other brokers (market markets) are worse. They do this to hit your SL. So, as long as your SL are not too tight, above the S or R then you are fine.

All the best guys... Happy trading
posts 23
Darwinex sent money to wrong bank account number which made me really afraid of losing my money . Unfortunately , they gave me outstanding support ever and always update me EVERY SINGLE DAY with new updates from their bank . Once problem got resolved , they refill all bank fees and charges to my account wallet which is just simple awesome .

Never had any problem with them so far , such an amazing broker :)
Trading for a "LIVING"
posts 7
Fantastic broker. Excellent Customer Service. Highly Recommended. These guys are truly amazing!
posts 5
Clearly the best broker I have been using in a long time. I have been trading for more than 8 years using brokers as FXCM, IG, FX Pro, Vantage FX, Axi Trader, CMC Markets and now Darwinex, and by far, this is the best one I have tried.

Not only they have an excellent execution but an even better client service support.

I have written some articles in my webpage about Darwinex. I hope you will find them interesting (they are in spanish, but with google translator I hope you can read them in a friendly way)


PS: Completely agree with comments above... Darwinex is going to be the reference of any serious broker in the future, and they will revolutionize the industry in the near future!
posts 6
FullPips posted:
Darwinex is more than a great broker.

It is a FinTech that will revolutionize the market in coming years.

Darwinex will become the Apple Inc. of the financial industry.

I think so too FullPips. Let's hope we're right! 😄
posts 53
Darwinex is more than a great broker.

It is a FinTech that will revolutionize the market in coming years.

Darwinex will become the Apple Inc. of the financial industry.
posts 3
I have been trading with them for four months, and it has been a great experience overall. Other brokers will want to ruin you, but these guys want you to succeed. They are the nicest people I have come across in the industry. But that aside, their business model is geared towards your success: They need you to do well for them to do well, and viceversa. That is in full contrast with the prevailing model in the industry, where brokers live out of your trading losses. No unsolicited calls from 'sales traders' here!

Getting into the specifics:
* Innovative platform: one account, infinite MT4 usernames. Very easy to set up and manage.
* Excellent and efficient cash management
* Transparent and reasonable costs: spreads are tight (but variable) and commissions are fixed/low.
* Decent choice of markets, particularly since they introduced equity indices and commodities. Core offering, no exotic markets.
* Extremely responsive and knowledgeable customer service.
* Proprietary analytics that will help you become a better trader - lots of videos/tutorials, although deeper documentation needed.
* Fully regulated (broker/asset manager) by the FCA.
* Best traders get allocated capital on a monthly basis
* All styles of trading accepted. Both discretionary and automated traders welcome.
posts 5


To be continued...
I am too sexy for my dog, too sexy for my girl and too sexy for me!
posts 119
Those guys are awesome.
Basically they offer same trading conditions as LMAX, with spreads being a little bit higher (2/3 points only).
But they offer an amazing client support.
And best of all, they are helping good traders to scale up their strategies!
Darwinex will be a breakthrough in retail trading market.
Donate to yourself.
posts 83
I have been trading for a short whole at Darwinex.

Till so far it has been a fantastic experience trading with Darwinex !!!!!!!

The customer service and Ignacio are amazing at Darwinex.

posts 1
I have been trading with Darwinex for almost a year and I am very satisfied with them. FCA regulated, top-notch customer service, competitive spreads plus an excellent solution for retail traders to leverage their strategy by legally managing investor´s money. I have recently read in their blog that they are even allocating their own capital to the best traders on a monthly basis. Furthermore they are always introducing new features and tools which is making Darwinex more and more appealing by the day.
posts 3
Here is my review of Darwinex:

➢ Platform (MT4): Easy to use and can be installed on Mobiles
➢ Pricing: Execution fees are OK and spreads are occasionally bad
➢ Customer Services: Support is very good. Funds Deposit/Withdrawal process is very good
➢ Features such as Currency variety, API, Traders Education Services: OK

Other Issues:
> FCA regulated in the UK
> Allow trading of micro lots
> Segregated clients accounts as mentioned on the website
> Broker Model is not clear if it is true ECN or STP
> The website is not user friendly for me and I have not noticed any link to download the MT4
> My Overall view: I was disappointed by Darwinex when I had a slippage of 3.81 USD per Ounce of Gold contract and their final response that they can’t do anything about it
posts 1
low spreads and fast cutomer support. And ...
320000 EUR under management for the BEST traders!
posts 77
Excellent broker, very effective execution and low spreads. FCA regulated. Groundbreaking concept with connecting traders and investors. Creating opportunities for good traders to earn performance feed and also creating new unique opportunities for investors to build a balanced portfolio of skilled traders. Customer support is also first class. Probably the best broker around and Darwinex is setting a new standard for the competition.
posts 1
6 months with this broker and they are excellent,
posts 6
The best broker I have had by far. Customer service is second to none. Analytics from the platform are excellent.
posts 1
Very good broker. Been there for 1 month with no complaints! Spread is very competitive😄
posts 11
Awesome broker so far, no complaints whatsoever
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