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Darwinex poäng från recension

Total poäng: 3.8 / 5

Totalt antal röster: 175
1 - worst 5 - best


japanfxtrader (japanfxtrader)
Apr 03 2016 at 06:29
7 poster
Fantastic broker. Excellent Customer Service. Highly Recommended. These guys are truly amazing!

kiddragon1412 (kiddragon1412)
Apr 03 2016 at 06:47
23 poster
Darwinex sent money to wrong bank account number which made me really afraid of losing my money . Unfortunately , they gave me outstanding support ever and always update me EVERY SINGLE DAY with new updates from their bank . Once problem got resolved , they refill all bank fees and charges to my account wallet which is just simple awesome .

Never had any problem with them so far , such an amazing broker :)

Trading for a "LIVING"
Apr 06 2016 at 09:50
5 poster
I have been with Darwinex for about 6 months now and is a recommended broker! Excellent Customer Service. Highly Recommended. I have tried with two other brokers and Darwinex is good, spread is very competitive.

1. Excellent customer service
2. Withdrawal is easy - up to 3 days wire transfer UK
3. No charge on deposits or withdrawals
4. Spread is very competitive and commission of 25 USD per million USD (50 round-trip) is good.
5. Their MT4 server is hosted at Equinix LD4, so once your trade reaches their MT4 server you should be in and out in 4 ms. BeaksFX offer VPS with X-Connect if you think internet latency is going to be an issue for your strategy.

1. I have observed Slippage!
Darwinex feedback was 'On slippage - we're a DMA broker so slippage is structural as explained here. Also, I would be weary of 'brokers' who don't have slippage, as explained in this webinar'

2. Their market opens at 22:05 instead of 22:00 GMT, which means I miss out of a few pips at the open.
Darwinex feedback was;
That's correct. The reason is that most traditional (and therefore trustworthy-ish) LPs do not start feeding properly until 22:05, and before that volatility can be too severe.

3. Their liquidity provider is LMAX and they are not really the best. I have observed unnecessary spikes at sometimes during news releases, when compared with other brokers for instance. I hope they soon move to or include other options. But, please do not take this as a very negative point as some of other brokers (market markets) are worse. They do this to hit your SL. So, as long as your SL are not too tight, above the S or R then you are fine.

All the best guys... Happy trading

Ratel (Ratel)
Apr 17 2016 at 11:49
1 poster
each withdrawal costs me 42 usd aprox. due to darwinex bank fee. As it was explained me after the first withdrawal that all payments to some banks in some countries assume additional commission from barclays bank. So it would be better to check it before opening an account. All the other things like spread,support etc. are good.

Apr 28 2016 at 11:08
40 poster
Hopefully one day all brokers will behave as Darwinex, no more tricks or scams. Their model is the future of trading being at trader's side and not againts us.

Happy trading guys

cctradestation (cctradestation)
May 01 2016 at 06:34
3 poster

May 01 2016 at 10:35
36 poster





May 27 2016 at 20:23
7 poster
yofxtrader posted:
Clearly the best broker I have been using in a long time. I have been trading for more than 8 years using brokers as FXCM, IG, FX Pro, Vantage FX, Axi Trader, CMC Markets and now Darwinex, and by far, this is the best one I have tried.

Not only they have an excellent execution but an even better client service support.

I have written some articles in my webpage about Darwinex. I hope you will find them interesting (they are in spanish, but with google translator I hope you can read them in a friendly way)

PS: Completely agree with comments above... Darwinex is going to be the reference of any serious broker in the future, and they will revolutionize the industry in the near future!

Of course, what else you write, if you recommend this broker and looking for new fish ...

darodi (darodi)
May 27 2016 at 20:28
9 poster
I have been trading with Darwinex for over a year and for me they are the best broker in the whole industry.
It is a true broker, NDD, so the do not bet against us. They want us to succeed not to fail as many other brokers do.
Their spreads are really good.
Customer support is the best i have ever known, solving your querys within minutes.
Their analytical tool is also excellent, offering an opportunity to analyse your trading in many ways.
Plus they offer you the chance to legally manage investor´s capital, so you can earn a performance fee from the profits.
FCA regulated also.
In summary Darwinex is a five star broker in my opinion.


May 28 2016 at 13:03
5 poster
Their candle closing is not in-line with NY, specially if you are trading with candle stick formation...
However, I was informed that they will do this change in the very near future...

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