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If you are looking for a reliable and the best provider. Is this one 100% suitable.
-Best service
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Oh myfxbook, for real...
I thought by clicking on rate, that i would ge a window, instead i rated with a 1 everywhere... and i can't even undo this!!

Anyway, as for my review:
This is the best one out there. It covers lots of diffirent brokers, you are trading, you are taking risks to make money online and you get rewarded for this!

It's the highest one out there. Any trader who is not with this service is losing out on so much money, it's not making any sense that you are not connected with this service.

I can only give max rating, if I would be able to undo my mistake
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i really wonder why this great rebate partner has so low votes. it is the best rebate with the highest % in the market. the support is awesome. very fast and very reliable. never missed any payout. a lot of brokers that you can use. i think they offer tons of brokers you can choose from or even ask the support to make new brokes. very supportive and friendly. absolutely recommendable. Thank you
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The best rebate partner. High cashback rate. And especially the customer support Mr Fedor, very thankful to him. Totally will support you patiently and he will answer all of your message.
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They are great been paying me since June 23 always on time. Been in contact with Fedor in the past and happy to help. If you are not with these you are missing out. Its like free money just from the trading you are doing anyway.
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Layanan rabat transparan dengan tarif rabat tertinggi! direkomendasikan!
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Good support of course, but most of all huge rebate percentage!
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