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yana hansen (78678676)
Jul 31 at 06:28
137 ieraksti
Well, I have been reading articles that said that the dogecoin will likely recover in the 4th quarter of 2021. Let’s hope for the best. I really want to make back my lost money :)

Sep 01 at 08:37
7 ieraksti
In a recent news we heard that Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka is the latest celebrity to get bitten by the cryptocurrency bug. She was intrigued by the cryptocurrency after she read about Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoins was created as a joke on Bitcoin and the poke can be interpreted from the meme dog as the icon of the currency. Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog that appears as the logo of the coin and was a famous meme at that time. The technology used and the unlimited supply of the currency accompanied with the consumer-friendly version, more adaptable and faster characteristics made it a better version of Bitcoin. . Dogecoin is not a joke anymore and its value increased by more than thousand fold in 2021.

Sep 13 at 09:17
53 ieraksti
@JohnSmithK I strongly disagree on that , i find doge a mere copy of btc with a lil bit of tweaks here and there. DOGE clearly has no fundamentals and is merely used for pump and dump by celebrities and influencers . I think it's a waste of both money and technology. I guess LTC is a better alternative to BTC than DOGE.

Sep 13 at 11:21
8 ieraksti
LTC is best pure crypto. Tether is the best crypto that can actually be used for transactions

Sep 13 at 13:29
467 ieraksti
This cryptocurrency has been suspiciously rumored lately. Who thinks what?

Karlos Fandango (Smith2525)
Sep 15 at 00:05
77 ieraksti
pathsofglory posted:
LTC is best pure crypto. Tether is the best crypto that can actually be used for transactions

This is 100% opinion.
An opinion I disagree with....

Sep 17 at 08:17
25 ieraksti
@KarlosFandango LTC is derived from BTC and Tether is not as stable as it was deemed to be. There is no way I am going to agree with my friend up there.

Sep 22 at 07:48
36 ieraksti
An era of shitcoins coming to the market for just pump and dump by the rich and influential people.

BerinhardTrader (berinhard)
Sep 27 at 10:29
11 ieraksti
Yes but remember: trading is trading after all, even if the assets change the rules remain the same.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Nov 05 at 15:04
109 ieraksti
Honestly staying away from this one in general, don't like the confusion and everything surrounding it and don't think it's a good investment. But I could be wrong.

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