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Experienced trader

Oct 05 2021 at 05:03
737 ieraksti
Experience comes from knowledge and experiments. Many people are trading for years but still doing like a newbie. So years do not make us experienced in trading.

Nov 18 2021 at 16:07
154 ieraksti
and not only from experiments, but also just from the work itself, because there are a lot of different situations from which you need to be able to find a way out

Nov 21 2021 at 01:40
451 ieraksti
I think a positive mindset is needed to make a consistent profit. Risk and money management must be maintained to make a consistent profit. If it is possible, then it is very easy to make a profit with the plan.

Nov 21 2021 at 02:39
758 ieraksti
If you are an experienced trader, you can make a decision in any situation. And refrain from emotional trading. Many more facilities are available if the experience is complete trader.

Nov 21 2021 at 09:58
627 ieraksti
It should be understood that a trader will not become experienced just like that. To do this, you need to work a lot on yourself and, most importantly, want it yourself.

Adeyemi Oluokun (adeyemi)
Nov 21 2021 at 16:06
2 ieraksti
it took me 5 years to really understand trading after lot of paid training

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