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IB experiece - generaly scams or good thing ?

Mar 26 2014 at 12:08
4 ieraksti
Hi guys :)

Introducing Broker.

Good thing or Not ?

   Do you have your own experience with IB ? Is it real sale on the comissions (and it is realy cheaper) or it s just lie, and it will be at the end more expensive to trade ? (IB gets paid, you gets paid and broker gets paid, without IB just broker gets paid)

  Do brokers widen their spread little bit if you use Introducing Broker in your disadventage ??? (maybe traders don't even have to notice the 0.15 to 0,3 difference added...!)
Mar 26 2014 at 13:16
90 ieraksti
Only good from my IB

I'm with Pepperstone, pay $7 AUD commission round trip and get a rebate from the Aslan Group of $0.90 so effectively paying $6.10 commission per round trip. It gets paid before the 9th of the following month.

More expensive to trade? No, it's cheaper

Just a lie? No

Widen spreads? No

Any disadvantage? No

Hate your losers more than you like your winners
vontogr (togr)
Mar 26 2014 at 13:32
4862 ieraksti
I have got only the BEST experience with these guys
Mar 27 2014 at 06:26
37 ieraksti
togr posted:
I have got only the BEST experience with these guys

+1 here too.
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