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Last few months blow up most Forex accounts

Sep 22 2014 at 06:36
12 ieraksti
I agree with the theory behind this thread however even for the most experienced traders,the experience is actually a continual process and getting left behind leaves the best of traders in problem.Having been an active trader for the past 4 years i believe the uneasiness in forex is best dealt with by understanding your money management principles,unless a trader has a settled MM principle that deals with draw downs extensively while making profit,it's only a matter of time before a margin call occurs.Personally i've resolved maintaining for long term transactions flexible trade-able loss that accommodates continuous losses and still keeping the account intact otherwise the trade-able size is bogus.If you can loose 200pips 20times without a sngle profit and the account is still in good shape then you're using good trading lot that accommodates bad storms.The past 2 months have been here and there..but who know?The market goes up down or stays sideways for sometime just 3 possible directions then why the sporadic loss in FX ?
Lambo78 (Lambo78)
Sep 27 2014 at 09:14
14 ieraksti
Hi, here's my new strategy from the beginning of 2014.
Non conta quanti pip fai, ma che percentuale fai.......
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