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All the successful traders

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Apr 12 at 08:06
187 ieraksti
Tremblay posted:
kajusmcdowell posted:
I don’t think traders can be that profitable if they are not disciplined and have the right trading plan to follow.

Yes. Discipline is very important for every trader to make money from this market.

 Yes in order to become a professional trader you need to be very disciplined, and able to control every emotion.

Apr 12 at 13:09
336 ieraksti
@Tremblay yes in trading discipline is very important. Most of the time traders forced themselves to open trade if even their strategy doesn't give proper signal. It doesn't happen if you are disciplined.

Apr 27 at 17:20
658 ieraksti
Both discipline and patience are needed to be successful in the market. After all, it takes a long time to succeed.

Apr 27 at 20:36
446 ieraksti
SofieAndreasen posted:
Both discipline and patience are needed to be successful in the market. After all, it takes a long time to succeed.

Yes. I agree with you.

Apr 28 at 06:15
103 ieraksti
Obviously they have been in forex trading for a long time enough to develop a trait - disciplined traders which allows them to do well. But of course, even there are some traders who have been in for long time and can also not be successful as well.

Luka (Luka776655)
Apr 28 at 08:03
3 ieraksti
To be successful, a trader needs to put in a lot of effort and time to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of trading. Also, in trading, you need to develop self-control over your emotions.

Apr 28 at 08:30
33 ieraksti
It takes consistency and never giving up attitude to become successful in life.

May 02 at 17:11
640 ieraksti
Improve trading strategy to achieve consistent profit in trading. It is the main way of trading.

May 03 at 00:32
26 ieraksti
For successful trading, one must use the same strategy for all trades placed. Variations from the strategy can result in losses causing the trader to think that the strategy in ineffective and abandon the strategy altogether

May 05 at 14:55
635 ieraksti
@Bela_fx Yes those two are important. But one also needs discipline. A discipline trader can sit out in the bench if his strategy does not show any trade. Others can not do it.

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