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Common mistakes

Jan 06 at 08:01
615 ieraksti
my most common mistake is trade again and again after having a loss, i lost so many equity by this habit.

Jan 06 at 11:08
718 ieraksti
knowledge and experience needed i agree with you , but it can be valueless if you dont have regular practice  , so besides acquiring good knowledge its more appropriate to emphasis on practice session. 

Jan 06 at 11:48
73 ieraksti
It seems to me that a common mistake is not to draw conclusions from your failures, and not yet contact the managers of the broker with whom you are trading.

Jan 07 at 07:09
144 ieraksti
mistake is a very common thing that we cant avoid in spite of everything , the main thing is to come back from mistake very soon, otherwise it could be dangerous.

Jan 07 at 11:09
298 ieraksti
Managing risk is the most important yet most ignored aspect in trading. I mean all unsuccessful traders do not have any risk management policy. I do not risk more than 1% of my capital in a single trade. If I open more than one trade my maximum risk percentage is 2%.

Jan 08 at 06:19
23 ieraksti
There are many common mistakes traders make like not using stop loss, indulging in emotions or not having a sound plan and many more.

Jan 08 at 18:54
55 ieraksti
The idea of trying to get your money back often comes up with traders after a series of losing trades. This is an emotional decision by a frustrated market participant looking to get their money back.

Jan 09 at 16:56
35 ieraksti
In my opinion, trading without a strategy and with a mindset only to earn a profit during the beginner stage is the most common mistake I have seen so far.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jan 12 at 11:16
187 ieraksti
My most common mistakes are starting trading with very little preparation and Being emotional for my money.

Jan 14 at 12:04
20 ieraksti
Fomo is definitely an easy one to fall into for those with little knowledge and experience. Need to spend the time honing your abilities and plan.

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