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Fear is the greatest reason

Mar 11 at 12:16
36 ieraksti
philipsimmions posted:
You can work on controlling your emotions and it is better to listen to music or take a walk. I also try meditating for a couple of minutes in the middle of it. You can easily fix a time to do that and you might even notice a difference soon.

I am not so sure about mediation. How did that help you, I'm curious?

Mar 12 at 04:17
484 ieraksti
markfinch posted:
It’s true that fear is real when someone starts trading. No one wants to lose money but you cannot go far if you don’t lose your money.

There is no business without the risk of losing money. Accept the fact and learn how to overcome the fear.

Mar 12 at 12:23
31 ieraksti
Fear is probably the most common emotion in traders that leads them to making losses. A fear in a trader disperse them from implementing their skills which eventually give them more stress. The only way to overcome fear is uniform hard work and practice.

Mar 13 at 01:04
298 ieraksti
Emotional trading can never help you succeed. And one of the emotions is fear. Trading profits can never be made out of fear. So every trader has to overcome the fear.

Mar 13 at 10:08
718 ieraksti
no one can avoid the risk ratio but honestly speaking by using most powerful analyzing risk management the percentage of risk can be reduced of course.  

Mar 13 at 18:53
26 ieraksti
An important part of loss trading. If the loss is not maintained, it is never possible to achieve success from trading. I made a lot of losses when I was a new trader but I was able to cover those losses as a result of trading for a long time. When a trader cannot accept this loss he will never be able to survive in trading.

Mar 14 at 07:35
364 ieraksti
Loss is an inevitable part of trading there is nobody who can avoid it completely; mostly loss occurs due to lack of exact money management plan as well non-skill trading knowledge. So, for avoiding loss we have to focus on there.

Mar 15 at 01:42
231 ieraksti
Most of the traders lose in forex because of fear so they should do trading without any fear of loss and trade with passion and discipline.

Mar 15 at 09:16
35 ieraksti
Emotional management is a crucial part of forex trading. I meditate to release my trade related stress.

Mar 16 at 11:38
80 ieraksti
Fear is one of the major reasons for losing in Forex. Getting panic will only put in riskier situations which will eventually give loss. Every trader should give time to enhance their skills so that they can trade much better in future, rather than rushing in just to grab the money.

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