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Forex game is not business

Apr 27 at 20:38
235 ieraksti
SofieAndreasen posted:
Don’t treat it as a hobby or game. It is serious business. You may lose everything if you are careful enough.

Yes. Every trader should be very careful with their trading career.

Apr 28 at 12:10
73 ieraksti
Let's make it simple - Forex is not a game or something that you can gamble away.

May 02 at 09:31
593 ieraksti
Forex is a long time approach , just you have to make sure great level of patience. also need a discipline

ele020 (ele020)
May 03 at 04:39
211 ieraksti
first_time posted:
Let's make it simple - Forex is not a game or something that you can gamble away.

I like the simplicity of this statement.. its 100% true, forex is technique and art both that a traders needs to understand and practice both.... Alone understanding wont help neither practicing aimlessly.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
May 03 at 08:26
123 ieraksti
its a professional business right now in the present world , you can take this platform as scam or a good business , both of your own choice , thank you

May 03 at 09:24
593 ieraksti
Forex is amazing , its all we know , it can be amazing in your life if you can acquire good knowledge and experience with a reliable support from a credible trading broker , thats all.

May 03 at 10:26
29 ieraksti
as a newcomer i an consider Forex like an Ocean actually its a huge market place and to be experienced about Forex is a long time approach , so we lost interest after passing sometimes.

May 06 at 08:57
886 ieraksti
You can earn money from Forex trading if you can acquire most powerful analyzing trade knowledge , on the other hand , despite of good trading knowledge that’s not possible at all to lead a profitable trading life without having a reliable support form a credible trading platform, because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly.

May 06 at 10:56
947 ieraksti
Forex market or forex trading i think is completely secure but it depends on your broker performance , because without a broekr you cant a trade at all.

May 06 at 16:45
523 ieraksti
UweMoench posted:
Trading is not an easy job. The most important thing to develop is your psychology, if you cannot keep cool when your position is loosing money and make decisions based on facts rather than emotions you don't stand a chance.

Yes, every trader must maintain psychology. I never want to get out of a trading mindset and enter a trade.

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