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How long it takes to learn

Nov 27 2020 at 06:17
298 ieraksti
It depends on one's capabilities. What you are learning, what learning materials you are using is a considering matter. No one can tell you that you need this specific time to learn forex. And moreover learning is a continuous process. Study everything available in School of Pipsology in babypips. It will help you a lot.

Nov 27 2020 at 07:02
470 ieraksti
It depends on trader’s ability. I spent 6-7 month in demo account then I went to real trading.

Nov 27 2020 at 07:05
55 ieraksti
Agree. And yes, that learning process in babypips is very useful for the newbie who wanted to get into trading

Nov 27 2020 at 09:42
341 ieraksti
It depends on the learning abilities of a trade. Different traders need different times to learn forex perfectly.

Jun 05 at 13:13
493 ieraksti
It takes a long time. So be patient.

Jun 07 at 06:16
235 ieraksti
Your dedication and willingness will decide how much time it takes to learn.

Jun 07 at 08:18
52 ieraksti
do not set a specific time frame for yourself, once you know that you are ready to trade then it starts.

Jun 07 at 10:55
192 ieraksti
First you have to give time for learning. It's a professional work that requires specific knowledge and skills. Once you have necessary skilled, you can do it just by spending one or two hours per day. But for learning you have to put your efforts and dedication. One more thing learning doesn't happen in one or two months. You have to spend good amount of time depending on your level of understanding and other factors

Jun 08 at 08:25
16 ieraksti
There is no time frame that you can define for learning. It is something that is continuous and never going to stop even when you are ale to generate returns.

MarcSalmorin (MarcSalmorin)
Jun 08 at 12:00
4 ieraksti
Learning in trading the Forex market, I think, is a never-ending process. Even if you're able to consistently win your trades, there should still be room for improvement. If you're a beginner trying to become more experienced in trading, I think this will heavily depend on how serious you are in learning and how much time you actually want to commit to it. Because if you only want to learn it as a side thing, then the profits that you should be expecting should also be that, equivalent to a side thing. It depends on you, I say!

“The hard days are what make you stronger.” – Aly Raisman
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