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Mind or Machine? What’s Better For Forex Trading?

Jul 26 at 06:19
23 ieraksti
EAs can be really profitable if the trader knows how to use them efficiently.
Jul 28 at 07:19
49 ieraksti
Nothing can stop you from being a successful trader if you can use them in combination.  Use your trading bot to balance your emotions and your market instinct to avoid  trading when it is not necessary.
Aug 11 at 09:40
17 ieraksti
Trading is an art, not a science. Trading manually can be very rewarding if you have the time, money, and dedication to make it work and can help you achieve success in the long term.
Aug 13 at 05:21
1 ieraksti
Why not both ? Machine can identify the trade while people can confirm the trade.

I am a price action trader. I use to miss my trade entry a lot of times because i could not stay with my charts. Some time I switch to a different chart or stay busy doing something and the trade entry pass away. Chasing the market is not my style. So i had no choice but to wait for the next setup, which takes a lot of time.
Then i converted my price action strategy to a Realtime scanner. Now at the right time i get entry alerts. Then i simply look at the chart for the final time and decide if i want to take the trade or not.
Only people who trade with swing structure breakout using two timeframe, will understand the pain of waiting for the breakout to happen and then again waiting for the test to happen before entering the trade.
The name of the tool i use is multipair analyzer. You can google it to know more.
Aug 17 at 10:38
19 ieraksti
Use both and double your chances of making money. To make money in the ever moving market, you need the speed of a robot along with your intelligence.
Fearlesswalker (Fearlesswalker)
Aug 17 at 19:48
30 ieraksti
We live in an amazing time.
First of all, there is the Forex market, which gives opportunities. I mean to earn excellent money without large investments. All you need for this is the Internet, a computer and some knowledge.
Secondly, there is a lot of software, expert advisors and robots to help traders to trade. There are traders who only use robots to trade.
I think that you should not rely only on the technique. You have to know how to trade and what to do in certain situations.
Robots can be used as advisors or as... Partners. ;)
Why not? It's a great tandem, and the probability of profit increases!
Aug 18 at 04:38
21 ieraksti
I would say mind because a machine can never think on its own and it is just programmed to execute the commands that are given to it. Automated trading can be useful to eliminate the emotions but manual trading must be learned even if you decide to use an EA later on.
Aug 18 at 10:54
23 ieraksti
The mind is always better compared to the machine. Making trading decisions should always be done so calmly and methodically. One cannot be completely relied upon machine when making trading decisions.
Aug 18 at 11:23
18 ieraksti
The intellect has its own wonders. But it has certain limitations too. Machines, on the other hand, are powerful and innovative. But they have limitations too. So, combining both is the key.
It also depends on one’s time, goals, and dedication to the choice of their usage.
Aug 19 at 10:09
53 ieraksti
One’s intellect and machine learning with its usage brings out the best combination by keeping balance. I believe somewhat the same.
Aug 19 at 10:11
53 ieraksti
Keen to hear others' response as well.
Sep 14 at 07:30
29 ieraksti
Some will argue that the human mind is better for forex trading because we can act as per changes in the market conditions. Some will argue that bots are better for trading because they are accurate and will save a lot of time.

I say - a combination of both the mind and machine can be the best and powerful duo to trade the forex market. The mind will analyse the market and have skilled predictions guided by instincts for the future market movement direction. When this mind is aided by a machine, we get more accurate information needed for analysing, and can also double check our predictions, or even backtest it.
Sep 14 at 12:24
18 ieraksti
Both the human mind and machines are brilliant in their own way, but both are limited in certain aspects too. Machines can be quite useful in trading as the mind cannot trade all the time perfectly. It is observed that machines cannot give accurate predictions to a trader. Therefore, using both perfectly is the only solution, as a trader cannot rely only on one of them (owing to the nature of the market these days).
Sep 14 at 13:41
181 ieraksti
I know that a loss breaks down a trader mentally. I also suffered this issue much but you cannot avoid losses completely.
Sep 16 at 03:56
21 ieraksti
Imo, the machine will follow whatever the coding has been set to do so. But when trading manually, we can modify the stop loss and execute trades when there’s a sudden change in the price action.
Sep 17 at 10:35
22 ieraksti
Manual trading can be prone to human errors. So, it’s better to use machine’s for trading.
Sep 17 at 16:57
181 ieraksti
Fobinacci shows traders with different trading angles and points. Besides using fibonacci, traders should use other indicators as well to well predict the market.
Sep 30 at 09:51
23 ieraksti
Machines can process information much faster than humans. They can also take into account a large number of factors and data points when making their calculations. This means that they are more likely to come up with accurate predictions. Additionally, machines are not subject to emotions or other biases that can cloud human judgement. This makes them more reliable in terms of making decisions about the forex market.
Oct 01 at 13:45
845 ieraksti
Make your Forex trading journey favorable for you at any cost with a well-defined risk management strategy.
Oct 28 at 05:57
22 ieraksti
I think both have positive and negative sides but imo mind is better.
Mind allows you to make use of your intuition and experience to make decisions based on your past experiences. On the other hand if you are doing trading only by using any algorithm then there is no intuition based decision but a more calculative one.
It's up to the trader which he likes.
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