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Most people fail because

Dec 31 2020 at 13:19
464 ieraksti
Most people fail because most people do not have necessary knowledge and skills. People come here with a expectation of making money quickly and easily. Basically they are introduced forex in a wrong way. If they have been told it will take time to learn the necessary skills, the percentage would have been different.

Dec 31 2020 at 13:58
318 ieraksti
Greed is the most dangerous emotion for trading. Most of the traders lose money just because of this greed. And there are s trader who is mistaken greed as hope. Greed is when you have no trading plan. You trade all day long. After a profitable trade, you open another trade in the hope of making money. But we should control our greed if we want to stay in the market and make profit for long.

Dec 31 2020 at 17:02
461 ieraksti
There is on shortcut to achieve success. Knowledge is only way in trading.

Jan 01 at 03:02
298 ieraksti
The main reason for failing in trading is not to trade under discipline and plan. Every trader should learn from Mistake.

Jan 01 at 05:46
298 ieraksti
There is a misperception that for success in forex you need big capital. But only big capital can't save you. Big capital is good when you are skilled enough. Otherwise No matter how big your capital is you would lose all the money. So in learning phase, low capital is the best option.

Jan 02 at 05:33
484 ieraksti
New trader should start trading with demo account. Don’t rush to real trading.

Jan 02 at 06:16
19 ieraksti
Because of:
Lack of knowledge
Inappropriate capital
Less/no risk management.

Jan 02 at 08:41
31 ieraksti
There are various reasons like Lack of knowledge, poor risk and money management, too much influence of emotions, trading without a plan and so on. We really should practice regularly to succeed in forex.

Sarjohn (Sarjohn)
Jan 02 at 11:17
162 ieraksti
Most traders fail because of lack of knowledge and skill. They think forex is a shortcut to make money and don't consider about the risk.

Jan 02 at 11:37
232 ieraksti
The individual's reasons:

- Lack of sufficient knowledge of this market.
- Considering the market as two sell/buy buttons.
- Too much greed( A very small amount is also an obstacle)
- Lack of proper morale with financial markets.
- Lack of sufficient capital.
- Lack of work discipline

Environmental conditions:

- Getting lost in the empty and superficial layers.
- Too much confusion in choosing a system,
- being misled by fraudsters, Brokers, Unrelated and unprofessional people.
- The inherent complexities of financial markets.
- A lot of false information that is injected into them by individuals or companies.
- The inherent cruelty of financial markets.

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