Past economic news events and DST confusion

Feb 22 at 07:28
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Feb 22 at 07:28

I am using your past news events data to check price movement between March and November 2023. I want to know if the times given by myfxbook for daily news during these months is based on DST or non-DST? E.g. Is the 9 AM Job Openings News on 1st August accounted for +1 hour for DST so that it was actually 9 AM on that day or does myfxbook change past news events time automatically after DST ends, which would make the 9 AM news the equivalent of 8 AM now..? Help me with this confusion. Thanks.
Feb 26 at 10:24
Hi. I once had a similar situation while tracking flight times for a trip. What helped me was reaching out directly to the source, like Myfxbook support, to clarify how they handle time changes in their data. They're usually pretty quick to respond and can give you the lowdown on how they handle DST adjustments.
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