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Show your profitable account here.

Aug 20 2017 at 06:49
4 ieraksti
+23.49% in 4 days trading.
I like to trade: Exotic currency pairs and Major Cross Pairs.

vontogr (togr)
Aug 21 2017 at 08:00
4862 ieraksti
coralforex posted:
RSTrading posted:
Hi there.

There are threads where you can go advertise your trading accounts, but with stricter rules.

I would like to invite traders to show off their accounts here if they pass certain criteria.

The criteria :

1) The account must be real - no demo's. (please do not argue here that it is the same as a live acc. etc - the idea is not to engage in any arguments)
2) The account must be verified (please do not come and defend your unverified-but-want-to-participate account - there will simply be no interest)
3)DD must not be higher than 40% - (please. Once again. No justification for your above 40% dd, if it is higher - don't participate)
4)The account must be older than 3 months, maybe this is even still too young.
5)No martingales! (it might work for you, and I do not want to engage in an argument - just please keep to yourself and don't participate)

That's it. Only these five things. If your account passes that, feel free to let others know. There will be those that are disgruntled they cannot participate and will try to justify their way of trading, please ignore them - if it works for you, then great - maybe start a new thread and invite others trading that style to participate. - As I said, this place is not for arguing, it is for displaying accounts that potential investors might want to follow based on the criteria above. This thread is not intended to badmouth other trader's ways.

I would like to show the performance as per your requirement. Please check and let us know. Thanks.

The results are imppresive
though I would like to see fully verified account at reputable broker

Aug 25 2017 at 11:02
3 ieraksti
I see 'Sorry, but this system was deleted by it's creator.' for so many once profitable accounts. My question is that why these creators just keep their accounts here.

Trading is tough. No one can guarantee their account be profitable all the time. We can understand you may lose money. However, we should keep our accounts regardless win or lose when we decide to list it here. It will remind us what went wrong and we can learn from our mistakes. Deleting the account and pretending it has never happened won't do any good for us.

Hopefully, our profitable account owners will not delete their account any more.

Anvar G (Diamond777)
Aug 25 2017 at 11:13
8 ieraksti
Hello Everyone

Real account
Low DD
More than 3 months
No martingale
No grid


One step back? Three steps forward! I can consider the possibility of managing an accounts. anvar777-77@
Aug 27 2017 at 06:33
718 ieraksti
LNFXSignals posted:
Real account

So many Ups and Downs in your chart! I hope, you’ll be consistent more in near future! By the way, may I know about your trading system?

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