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What are two types of analysis?

Apr 23 2020 at 05:24
231 ieraksti
I would like to know What are the two types of analysis and which is the best analysis and how to trade with it?

Apr 23 2020 at 06:51
38 ieraksti
The two types of analysis are fundamental and technical analysis. Both are important.

May 21 2020 at 00:28
231 ieraksti
There are countless ways to analyze the Forex market and make predictions. Among all those ways of analysis, these three types of Forex analysis are the most popular ones:

 Technical analysis
 Fundamental analysis
 Sentiment analysis

May 22 2020 at 07:45
52 ieraksti
richard2 posted:
The two types of analysis are fundamental and technical analysis. Both are important.

Yeah. Those are the main ones.

May 22 2020 at 10:26
11 ieraksti
It is best to treat them as complimentary rather than separate. I use fundamental analysis to get the long term trend and then use technical analysis to get my entries right

May 25 2020 at 15:43
22 ieraksti
Technical analysis includes a large number of methods, ranging from simple visual analysis of graphs with reference to different graphic models, to the use of sophisticated computer analysis methods.
Fundamental Analysis is a comprehensive method of analysis and includes analysis of all fundamental macroeconomic indicators, monetary policy, political situation, social and natural phenomena, news, rumors and expectations, both in individual countries and on the world stage in general, in order to investigate the possible impact of the above aspects on currency movements.
As we have already written above, they shouldn't be considered separately as they connected.

May 29 2020 at 08:51
119 ieraksti
There are two types of analysis, technical and fundamental, they are both good in their own way, but you need to determine and work with the one that will be more convenient.

May 29 2020 at 12:53
11 ieraksti
Type 1 - Good analysis
Type 2 - Bad analysis

+Good analysis = assessing fundamental and technical signs from the market. Using good risk management technique
- Bad analysis = using no strategy and basing everything on gut instinct. Not using a stop loss.

May 30 2020 at 08:52
34 ieraksti
FundsProManager (TraderProHungary)
May 30 2020 at 10:22
83 ieraksti
Technical and Fundamental, anyone in forex should already know this

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