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Who else has lost money by Forexringleader

Jul 29 2012 at 11:56
15 ieraksti
$5000 in 8 trades on a managed account by Forexringleader...this must be a record!! Has anyone else had experience from these guys?

Jul 30 2012 at 00:59
1916 ieraksti
depends on the risk taken

Jul 30 2012 at 06:11
15 ieraksti
Thats $5000 dollars down to $4.00 ( account blown up) in eight trades Rob....from so called professional money managers! ....Now that takes some skill don't you agree? to blow up an entire account in only eight trades! I don't think even a total noob with out a clue could achieve such a spectacular result...ForexRingLeader should get the dumb ass wooden spoon award for money management....why these guys are not shutdown is beyond me?

Jul 30 2012 at 08:07
556 ieraksti

christop posted:
$5000 in 8 trades on a managed account by Forexringleader...this must be a record!! Has anyone else had experience from these guys?

Is this it?

If so, have you noticed it's a demo account? Moreover, the drawdown is 86% which is definitely not acceptable.

Jul 30 2012 at 11:22
1 ieraksti
I have no experience with these guyes.But I think it is record if it done in 8 trades.

massur (massur)
Jul 30 2012 at 11:22
23 ieraksti
Damn, excuse me but I can't stop laughing.BUT DIDN'T U SEE IS ON DEMO ? I know many people become bilionaire.......with ..demo accounts....

All EA do not work until proven otherwise on long time . Extreme manual scalping is only a modern form of onanism.
Jul 30 2012 at 13:21
15 ieraksti
Hi OO7,

Yes that is their myfxbook page. I understand about being it demo and the draw down. I have issue with them linking to the myfxbook page from their main web site and alternate web page see below....What this does is sucker gullible uneducated non traders who are then directed to ringleaders myfxbook page and all they see is profit charts skyrocketing and the statistics below.

Forex Ringleader Professional Money Managers Since 2005 -
Demo (USD),
Track Record Verified
Trading Privileges Verified
Abs. Gain:+1377.0%

This how a good friend of mine was suckered into the ForexRingLeader Scam...
They parted with $5000 for the “New For 2012” ” Plan 5 V.o.s.s Lite Trial Money Manger Automation Subscription For Any Level Trader looking for a stable Automated Version of our trading system that is 100% Hands Free trading. $1,000 usd Per Month $5000 initial deposit --- 3 weeks and 8 trades later their account was wiped out by trading 3 lots of EURO/USD (simple over-leverage!)...

My aim is to expose these people so they lose their business...happy trading

Jul 30 2012 at 13:41
15 ieraksti
Hi Massur, It wasn't me I wouldn't touch these guys...they reek of 'SCAM' but they are pulling in many uneducated non traders and give FX Traders and Legit money managers a bad name! After they stole client money they would not reply to emails and ceased contact.

Jul 30 2012 at 15:28
1916 ieraksti
crooks are everywhere nowadays

Tiago Dias
Jul 30 2012 at 22:16
49 ieraksti
If you want to keep your money safe, trade with safe systems. That is not one of them for sure.

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