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Your ratings on Myfxbook's supported brokers for AutoTrade?

May 22 2014 at 06:37
32 ieraksti
They can be found here:

Obviously Trustworthy credibility ratings are most important,
but after that I also want:

# A broker that I can hedge with (which excludes all US based brokers)

# a broker that I can set up multiple accounts with using the same email

# A broker that has micro accounts equal to 1 cent per pip movement so I can practice my own trading.

Drew (ForexCure)
May 25 2014 at 13:33
147 ieraksti
Hi FXromos.

Clearly you want to deal with RoboForex - they have Pro CENT (REAL) accounts with all the features you
expressed. There are no CENT DEMO accounts, but their Pro Demo accounts' values match bang on.
So, you could Play with $100,000 on a Pro Demo account and know your EA will behave very accurately
with Real $$ when you put $1,000 Real money in a Pro CENT account. Get it?

==>Note, however, the minimum lot size to order is 0.10 Lot with thes Pro CENT accounts.

Their technology for account management is excellent too. Once you get MoneyBookers set up, you
can fund and add funds to your accounts in seconds. You can even add funds to a Demo account!

Hope that helps.

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