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C Trader Copy Trading

May 13 at 13:38
10 ieraksti

Has anyone tried using cTrader copy trading feature and how was your experience like?
May 13 at 17:15
439 ieraksti
It is the best system and has a lot of users. Unfortunately the cTrader was 'eating' too much RAM memory from my VPS and I had to stop
May 17 at 00:25
176 ieraksti
It is a good system but as ovisun said it eats a lot of memory so it should be considered.
May 27 at 10:47
22 ieraksti
I’ve been using zulutrade for copy trading. Works smoothly on my system.
Danny Gilbert (Whitethroat)
Jun 17 at 05:57
17 ieraksti
Is there any point in trying?
Is it profitable?
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