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Is everyone on here using automated systems or trading for themselves?

Jul 03 2020 at 22:11
4 ieraksti
I see so many people using automated trading systems then talking as if they know what they're talking about?

I'm a new trader but it doesn't make sense to me to speak as if you know what you're talking about with regards to trading strategies when their strategy is to rely on an AI?
Jul 04 2020 at 01:39
83 ieraksti
good question;has been talked about on many forums for verses manual trading.good arguments for both. wins in the end; because you cant watch market all the time.and any system that relies on human intervention should be able to made in to rules.yes there are times some of your auto trades you make look dumb.rules are rules .this is a simple answer to complex question.manual trades should be for long term trades only.
Jul 04 2020 at 01:44
83 ieraksti
most people here use auto from what i have seen.
Jul 04 2020 at 06:35
4 ieraksti
tradethelife (onewayefx)
Jul 04 2020 at 06:42
1 ieraksti
themselves but a lot of signal providers the one i use is really good
Jul 04 2020 at 12:45
372 ieraksti
I only trade for myself. I don't use any automated systems yet.
But yeah, a lot of traders are no actual traders; they're more like investors (but mostly stupid ones who think they can make money fast and easy with a robot). lol
Jul 05 2020 at 03:20
90 ieraksti
I very rarely use an automatic system.
Jul 05 2020 at 10:01
1 ieraksti
Use what work for you provided you are in a profit at the long run but make it clear that you are using Auto or human and stop advising if you are not trading your self
Jul 08 2020 at 12:20
8 ieraksti
I prefer manual trading as I have much time to devote to trading. Automated trading is also a good option. Traders who are occupied somewhere else and cannot devote much time in trading usually go for automated trading.
Ryan Williams (Pr3ttii)
Jul 08 2020 at 18:52
4 ieraksti
I do the best of both worlds and as you can see on my profile I've quintupled my account in less than 10 trading days. $1000 to over $5000 now and going.

Show me an automated system that can do that kind of returns and you won't be able to.

You have to utilize EVERY tool in your toolbox. Your brain, your data, your robots to make money. That way you make MORE money. Why limit yourself to automated only or manual only? Use EVERY tool at your disposal.

Here's a secret tip: do your own statistics and track your own trades. Based on that, make changes to become profitable.
Day after day I pray the market away
Jul 09 2020 at 06:07
77 ieraksti
I have not used the automated trading for myself. Might consider giving it a try since I have heard so much about it.
Fearlesswalker (Fearlesswalker)
Jul 12 2020 at 16:55
30 ieraksti
My friend told me that he is best at trading when he combines automatic systems and his own trading. The results are usually good. But in general, it is a matter of preferences. Someone only uses robots, while others trust only themselves and do everything by themselves and manually.
Jul 12 2020 at 17:07
27 ieraksti
I know that most traders use robots for their trading. I really don't know how much of it is right, because then trading loses its charm and stops being trading. The more appropriate word for such trading is investment. And I don't really approve of this approach either.
Jul 16 2020 at 06:20
57 ieraksti
As far as I know, not everyone uses automated trading and many prefer manual trading.
Jul 16 2020 at 06:57
33 ieraksti
Not tried automated trading as yet. I prefer manual way of trading
Jul 17 2020 at 07:22
77 ieraksti
Look like the majority in this thread prefer manual trading. I think it is much effective and you can get more experience from that.
Jul 20 2020 at 22:37
1 ieraksti
I have been trying manual trading for some months now, but it looks like my brain is dumb because I seem to be going nowhere and it became kinda frustrating. I think I should try auto while trying to improve. Advice from experts please on how to manage my stupid emotions...
Jul 21 2020 at 05:40
27 ieraksti
I am a big fan of AI, but not for trading. I would rather talk to a human financial advisor than a bot.
Al Amin (FreedomwithForex)
Aug 07 2020 at 10:42
3 ieraksti
I dont use EA i am a hard core manual trader
Ali (Yas777een)
Aug 07 2020 at 11:33
7 ieraksti
HI, I use auto trading look to my profile and my telegram channel FX Golding Wing welcome all
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