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New to Forex

Apr 23 at 10:08
951 ieraksti
there is any newcomer in Forex who using forex signal consistently and can make good amount of profit. and some paid signal app really work to bring profit ? 

Apr 26 at 00:39
372 ieraksti
Forex Risky Market And to survive in this risky market, I must acquire trading education.

Apr 26 at 10:26
75 ieraksti
You can always learn everything the main desire and aspiration

Apr 28 at 08:37
33 ieraksti
Malajind posted:
You can always learn everything the main desire and aspiration

Exactly. If a person has the desire to do something, he can achieve anything.

May 01 at 09:08
20 ieraksti
Imamul posted:
when i was a newcomer always fall a great trouble when using high leverage , its a very risky approach i have done and every time i have faced loses

That happens when you go with a really high leverage like 1:100. I think it's best to use as little leverage as possible while a novice trader is still learning.

May 01 at 09:38
951 ieraksti
Basically; which traders are with a learning approach; end of the day; they are enjoying their trading! As you know; Forex is all about learning & updating own trading skill.

May 02 at 01:17
372 ieraksti
Yes, you can minimize the loss by trading the copy. And it is possible to get an idea of some important things in copy trading.

May 02 at 08:27
886 ieraksti
the newcomers always try to bring profit with no learning , but this is not possible at all . almost 90% loser from this volatile trading place . so we the traders should be more careful.

May 02 at 11:41
50 ieraksti
most of the loser i know , but 90% are making losses from this trading place i dont believe this.

May 02 at 16:49
672 ieraksti
New traders should first acquire trading education. If you don't trade without trading education, it will be a bit difficult to make a profit.

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