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Which pair do you use?

Jan 24 at 04:29
73 ieraksti
You can use major pairs while trading forex to allow for a stronger possibility of making money. These include EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, NZDUSD, and AUDUSD.
Jan 24 at 08:07
15 ieraksti
My goto are eurgbp, eurusd and usdcad.
Jan 26 at 07:15
247 ieraksti
at the moment i am trading with USD/JPY, it will continue for a while
Jan 26 at 15:01
17 ieraksti
For three years I have tried many currency pairs. I have tried all majors and nearly all cross pairs. As of now I can say that USD/JPY is my favorite currency pair and I try to stay away from EUR/USD because this pair usually brings me losses.
Jan 27 at 07:48
29 ieraksti
I trade with a EURUSD pair currently, but also jump to pairs like GBPUSD and JPYUSD since their volatile in nature and the spreads seem to be much lower with my broker FP Markets.
Jan 27 at 09:45
20 ieraksti
I mostly trade on majors.
Jan 28 at 09:51
994 ieraksti
right now i am using JPY/USD , practice others exotic pair in demo account to see the performance how it works.
Jan 28 at 13:22
801 ieraksti
I try to use different pairs. The main thing is that it brings me profit.
Jan 29 at 01:50
788 ieraksti
Vicenox posted:
I mostly trade on majors.
I also trade with Major Pair. This pair helps me to make a consistent profit.
Jan 29 at 11:15
46 ieraksti
Mostly eurusd but have recently started experimenting with exotics as well because of the lower spreads on coinexx. Let’s see how it goes
Jan 29 at 16:42
48 ieraksti
I prefer to enjoy the volatility and so USDCAD and USDJPY are my favourite other than EURUSD, EURGBP and GBPUSD.
Feb 01 at 08:02
45 ieraksti
My favourite currency pair to trade with in this highly volatile and liquid market is USD/EUR as it is the most popular currency and ensures stability and can be predicted to a certain extent.
Feb 01 at 14:35
939 ieraksti
I often use different pairs for work that are comfortable for me. Moreover, they can often be completely different.
Feb 02 at 07:53
40 ieraksti
The currency pair you choose is very important because this is what decides your profits in trading. It’s good to choose the pairs which you really understand. I trade major pairs because of their stability.
Feb 02 at 15:43
759 ieraksti
I usually trade popular currency pairs. They tend to be more stable and easier to understand than pairs that are not common to traders.
Feb 02 at 19:51
536 ieraksti
shortant posted:
You can use major pairs while trading forex to allow for a stronger possibility of making money. These include EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, NZDUSD, and AUDUSD.
I agree with you.
Feb 03 at 17:36
809 ieraksti
Beginners only need to trade major ones, but in reality, there are opportunities everywhere, so you will be trading everything.
Feb 04 at 09:26
124 ieraksti
right now i am using EUR/USD ,GBP/USD. doing scalping , still going good everything, hope it will continue
Feb 04 at 17:52
801 ieraksti
Most of the time I try to use the pairs that trade the best.
Feb 05 at 07:48
25 ieraksti
EURJPY and USDJPY are good to use, their volatility can be useful in getting good earns if you know what to do.
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