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Advance Block Pattern

Ethan (Staff)
Oct 06 2014 at 06:46
1398 ieraksti
Discuss the 'Advance Block' pattern here.

Dec 06 2015 at 08:26
1 ieraksti
Is this a candle stick pattern? How will I recognize it?

Jan 06 2016 at 08:36
1 ieraksti
By genteleza put the picture of the patterns of candles

May 24 2018 at 10:07
5 ieraksti
Check out for the Advanced block to complete in EURNZD pair, the downtrend still valid.

May 24 2018 at 10:10
5 ieraksti
Apr 24 2019 at 08:11
9 ieraksti
Can someone add a picture of an example of this pattern. I have never heard of it

Jun 25 2019 at 08:39
1 ieraksti
May i see the sample of advance black patterns

Frank Martin (frankmartin1)
Jul 02 2019 at 07:00
46 ieraksti
Advance block is the name given to a candlestick trading pattern. The pattern has four characteristics. This pattern is considered to forecast a price reversal in the next several periods immediately following the pattern.

Jul 11 2019 at 09:07
2 ieraksti
any pics for the same, plz share

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