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Fastest way to learn the mt4 code?

Nov 01 2013 at 09:13
31 ieraksti
Hey I'd like to know any quick reference material that may be free and available out there? Long time Easy Language coder, but I need to covert some stuff to mt4 now. (Tradestations spread is robbery).
Any tips will be appreciated.
I'd like to learn the basics only at first, then add on once I got the foundation down.

Nov 02 2013 at 18:09
31 ieraksti
CandleFOREX (CandleForex)
Nov 02 2013 at 22:21
36 ieraksti
You can try first reading the tutorials at

Once you understand that, try making your own EA's and indicators.
Then you just have to work from there or take MQ4 programming classes (CandleFOREX will be offering MQ4 programming classes in early 2014).

I hope that helps and do feel free to contact us with questions, maybe that will speed up your learning too.
Nov 03 2013 at 07:24
31 ieraksti
Excellent, thanks Candle forex. Just what I needed.
CandleFOREX (CandleForex)
Nov 07 2013 at 00:54
36 ieraksti
Your very welcome.

MoneyCode posted:
Excellent, thanks Candle forex. Just what I needed.
Julian Friedman (JulianFriedman)
Nov 07 2013 at 09:25
5 ieraksti
I think learn it yourself! That is the fast way to do it..
Dennis O. (dgaf)
Nov 10 2013 at 08:33
57 ieraksti
its basically math, with geometric { if then's. } proofs

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