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Programmer mql4 and mql5

Nov 09 2022 at 17:58
1 ieraksti
Expert advisor programming, indicators, script, etc.
Dec 31 2022 at 04:40
2 ieraksti
MQL5 is the evolution of its predecessor - the MQL4 programming language, in which numerous indicators, scripts, and Expert Advisors were written. Despite the fact that the new programming language is maximally compatible with the previous-generation language, there are still some differences between these languages.
modric30 (modric30)
Jan 07 at 15:31
7 ieraksti
Yes, MQL5 is very good and can you create many indicators, robots and much more. The topic is about Programmer MQL4 and MQL5, I use MQL BLUE, they programming since 10 years and you will be 100% satisfied, friendly programmer.
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