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Sentiment based EA

Jan 13 2020 at 17:24
1 ieraksti
Hello. I want someone who can help develop an EA based on the sentiments (outlook). If you know how to do it, please message me

Dino Celadon (midasking)
Feb 04 2020 at 07:15
44 ieraksti
On which broker? I can do it on Oanda with python API if you want...
Play honestly when you have the winning cards
CrazyTraderfx (CrazyTrader)
Feb 04 2020 at 11:34
1718 ieraksti
Hello there,
I can do it on any broker.
I'm keen on Sentiment Traders
Apr 13 2020 at 23:04
21 ieraksti
Explain more how you wanna use SENTIMENT of Myfxbook
All people understand it different way

Contact me at site www.FXPIP.ONE
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