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Direct Unique Link To Each Post. vote results

Vai jums patīk šis ieteikums?


rfx (ranesh)
Jul 10 2011 at 10:45
257 ieraksti
Like in other forums, it would be useful if a unique direct hyperlink is assigned to each and every post and displayed in an appropriate corner of the post. This will make it possible to refer to a post directly within another post, instead of directing it to the page the referred post is contained in.

Also, on a user's profile page, if we click for example on a recent post it takes us to the 1st page of the 'thread' that post was made in and not to the post itself. If there happens to be 20 pages in that thread, then we have to waste time going through the pages to locate the said post. Ideally, this should be linked directly to the post.


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