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PacMan (stef)
Oct 01 2010 at 15:01
47 ieraksti
after a lot of research and work with neural pattern, statisticall approach, i don't find reliable pattern that can give me confortable profit in long term,
i went back on basis, the 'Trend works for me' ! and this week, it gives me a lot of pips (+7% this week, PF=4.75)

i run a new multi-pair EA (this week 15 pairs), i trade with daily trend, no martingale, but new positions are opened if there is no gain,
on N pairs, in general, the major trend is respected on more than 50% of the pairs, so the results is globally ok

this week, all the pairs respect his daily trend, so every pair is >0 (1000 pips on eurusd !)
hope it will continue (but not sure like this week)
PacMan (stef)
Oct 13 2010 at 15:47
47 ieraksti
the daily TREND is still respected for the major pairs, so the EA continue to eat some pips (12300 pips but -5000 floating pips = 7300 pips).
the free margin is ok for the moment
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