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Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


May 27 2014 at 20:21
32 ieraksti seems an amazing proposition but your thoughts?

Here are the Pros (and feel welcome to correct my novice analysis):
3 year Live verified myfxbook account running at over 500% profit

another here: Live verified account from 320K to over 2M
in 3 years

Seemingly great media and financial reviews:

My only doubts are:
# whether they are a Brokerage with a recognized National Regulator
that has traders funds insured and segregated from their own business running costs???

(I can get no clear email answer to that although there is much on the website alluding to funds safety.
Having a parent company in another country that is a Brokerage with a recognized National Regulator doesn't prove that
you are)

# They don't have an MT4 platform from where you have mouse control over your account

# Withdrawals are only on a 3 monthly basis which means you are putting in
1 to 5K that you have no control over for for 3 months

But if it wasn't for those doubts about investors fund safety I would be in in no time.
Your thoughts?

I already have one Live trader on myfxbook I am happy with and am demo accounting with autotraders,
but need about 5 or more for portfolio.
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