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BlueMental (By Lance )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Lance (BlueMental)
Nov 19 2009 at 18:16
27 ieraksti
Ok My Demo has me at +37 pips, while my Real Account is on +50.6 pips.

Obviously you realise I have to look after my real account before the demo, hence the difference.

It is good though, because this is now forcing me to keep my records up to date regarding my Navigator account.

I used to keep no records and just log in to see what my History says etc. but it doesn't keep percentages and that, which I am now doing on Excel.

Ps, on my real account I trade 100% balance per lot. I don't suggest that to anyone, but I only do it while I am in scalping mode. (which is what I have been doing so far)
"Whatever you focus your attention on, your consciousness becomes." - Lex Lungold.
Like Fx (like2fx)
Nov 19 2009 at 23:40
17 ieraksti
Good job Lance...
Martin Smith (4XGreedMicroLive)
Nov 20 2009 at 00:26
6 ieraksti
Lance (BlueMental)
Nov 20 2009 at 10:11
27 ieraksti
A piece of useful info on why I sometime like trading GbpAud.

The GbpAud price is derived from the GbpUsd and the AudUsd.

 GbpUsd Bid / AudUsd Ask = GbpAud Bid (give or take a small fraction due to Spread.

So if you observe the average pip movement range of the Gbp and the Aud, each 1 pip movement by Aud is 1.3 moved by Gbp
(this is a conservative average, sometimes it is Aud:Gbp 1:3 )

So what happens is the following:-

AudUsd GbpUsd GbpAud
D D +5 (AudUsd down GbpUsd down Pip movement of GbpAud)
~ U +14 (~ indicates ranging)
D ~ +19
D U +33

U U -5
~ D -14
U ~ -19
U D -33

So when they run opposite to each other GbpAud is groovy to say the least.

Don't forget however that 10 pips profit with GbpAud is equivalent to 1 pip profit on the Majors
But when it MOVES it moves 3 times more than GbpUsd (make sure you get it to move WITH your trade :)
"Whatever you focus your attention on, your consciousness becomes." - Lex Lungold.
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