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Dark-EA (By DarkProdigy )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Jun 09 2010 at 07:34
45 ieraksti
An automated EA I made based on the Martingale trading system using EMA cross, Pivot-R&S trend and bounce, Bollinger Bands breakouts, and RSI as entry points for higher edge trading.

**Stop loss created in EA but not enabled after constant testing, finally found a suitable range which passed the backtesting from 2005 till now.**


Earnings: Set at 0.025% per fully ended trade and ranging from +0.60% earned per day. (Extremely conservative earnings considering this is running on 4 currencies.)

...and no, this is not yet another informercial, im not selling anything, just bored enough to write about this EA tonight. 🙄
Jun 10 2010 at 23:02
45 ieraksti
Hmmm, due to my mistake. I had closed the computer running this EA while a trade was running which ran up my account when turning it back on. All is well.

*Bug Notice*
Noticed that my calculations were wrong by not including the swap amount resulting in a very minimal loss. *Easy Fix*

Let the trading continue!
Jun 15 2010 at 04:08
45 ieraksti
V. 1.2 Update.

Bug fixes:
 - Fixed the bug resolving swap balance into the trade.

 - Swap Biased. Created a swap balanced biased buy/sell boolean trade open which will basically open trades based on if you want to side on positive swaps only. (Ex. 1 lot *at 100,000* AUSUSD swap for buy/sell is 6/-20...with biased trades, you can have so that it only opens proper buy signals.)

- No Trade Spike. Since this is an enhanced martingale based trading system based on reverse and bouncing trends, I made a No Trade Spike value which will negate a trade from opening if a candle becomes too wide, too fast. Using the global variable storing system, this will check the time and difference for each tick and if it becomes too fast of a trend, the trade will not initiate.
(Currently set at 35pips in 30 seconds.) *Still in testing*

Future Updates:
- I want to create a friday no trade time deadline as I prefer not to have any open trades when the market closes for the weekend due to possible unexpected jumps in the market that might occur. Hopefully I can make this day based and time based so we do get some morning and mid day action.

Other than this, so far so good...cleared my +10% goal in under 15 trading days on a $5k account.
This is highly recommended on a 10K account for marginal purposes, especially with me using 4 currencies. (So that would be 5% in 15 trading days.)
DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Jun 15 2010 at 04:34
814 ieraksti
Do you have a graphic picture of your back test ?

You do it month by month with 5k Account or 5k account let it run through 5 years ?
Do you do 4 currency back test separately also ? That sure eat a lot of times.

I also doing some low gain low risk martingale back testing, but so far no any good luck.

Even with setting to very low Risk, my Seeker Skyline still facing big challenge on 2007 and need 10k to pass.,2#?pt=2&p=1&o=35829

Information is Gold when come to organised.
Jun 15 2010 at 05:16
45 ieraksti
Yea, I did 3 years, Even on my macbook pro and all its took several hours just for one currency since this is checking tick by tick.

...and I did it several times since a lot of the original figures I put in crashed and burned.

This system was based off of one i found for free at the forex factory which was pretty horrid if you did a year, I basically did figure testing and lot ratio testing for several days till I found one that lasted 2 years but it failed at 3.

From there, I customized the code to my own perspective of the markets using Pivot Points to make a biased buy or sell open, along with RSI, BB, and the basic 3 EMA crossing for entry.

With that, it lasted the 3 year range with a 5K starting balance (and let it run) and it ended some where in the range of 16k...but then again, this was based off EURUSD only.

...I'd really have to redo a backtest to tell you exact figures. As for 5 years, man, I didn't have that much patience! (My current EA made about 400+trades in 15 days, imagine 5 years!!)

I have to do a new backtest anyways with my new addons and bugfixes so i'll let you know how it goes!
Jun 17 2010 at 04:04
45 ieraksti
Turning system offline due to shutting my computer off for my long B-Day weekend getaway in Atlantic City! B-Day on June 18th. 😎
Jun 23 2010 at 19:41
45 ieraksti
Another unusual high gain day due to me fixing some errors and settings reset to 5x the normal earnings for a few hours. Everything back to my optimal settings but +1.5% gained because of this.
Jun 25 2010 at 15:53
45 ieraksti

Version 1.3 Update

  - Minor Bug Fixes

  - Implemented a Friday no-trade system where to prevent open trades from staying open, the EA will stop trading on friday after a given set hour. This will not affect already open trades and it's original routine. (Currently set at 12pm ET giving a 5 hour cushion before day closes)


Glad to announce this EA being up for a full month today and it has reached +20%. Although this might more or less be inaccurate due to the compile error on June 23 in which part of the day the system was over earning not at the optimal setting which resulted in a 1.5% gain in the day instead of a normal 0.45-0.70% day...but i'll take it!

Also, RIP Michael Jackson.
Jun 27 2010 at 23:21
45 ieraksti
Since making 20%. I am increasing the return per completed trade round.

From: 0.02 - 0.03% per completed trade round

To: 0.03 - 0.04% per completed trade round

Not a drastic increase but when dealing with a Martingale Grid based EA, a small increase can be a big mistake.
Jul 02 2010 at 16:23
45 ieraksti
Stop trading activated at 12 Noon for those currencies not being traded at this time. Will continue and complete cycle for those that are open.

Good run this week with the slight increase in per completed trade.

My next increment in per completed trade should will probably take place near the $8 - 10k mark...
...which should be in another 30 (@ 8k) to 60 (@ 10k) trading days.
Jul 08 2010 at 22:57
45 ieraksti
Well, im glad this system survived the quick run up's/down's in the market yesterday.
Even when running this on 4 Currencies at a time...

Expected Future Updates:

- Martingale Profit Multiplier: I've noticed that some of the slower trades are not worth the value and time for the same return as one that would finish is 10-15 minutes. And since this system is martingale based, I will just have the base profit per completed trade multiplied by the level of trades currently running. Starting from level 2 trading.

Ex. If i were at level 7 trade for a currency, the base profit would be multiplied by 20%+Level of trade.
So if your base earning was $10 per completed trade: 10 * (1+(0.20 * 7)) = $24

Why This Could Work
In theory this should work out just fine because using my current settings, at level 7, this would result into requesting the EA for 1 more pip. From level 2-4 its requesting about 2.5 pips more than normal, 5-8 is requesting just 1 pip more, and level 9+ is asking only for a fractional movement. Also, from the ranges 3+, that extra pip will result in overage from the multiplied profit amount and the overage is wider as the level is higher.

Hope to get this done on the weekend.

Happy trading.
Jul 26 2010 at 18:42
45 ieraksti
Another +20% month. Loving it. Going to go live with this possibly by End-September or Early-October. This EA has been prepped for Slippage support and Delayed orders already so results should be similar.

As for my 'Profit Multiplier per Level' update, It has come to my attention that the EA automatically. Didn't know my code had a positive side effect!! I'm going to code it in just to have it as a set standard anyways but it's good to know that in a sense, it is already there.

Looking forward to go live soon.
Jul 28 2010 at 17:53
45 ieraksti
Had a minor glitch running my EA. Wasn't publishing nor trading properly due to some supposed account change.

I also suspect it was Metatrader itself since I technically am running this on a Macbook Pro natively without using windows or virtualizing windows.

Problem fixed and trades finished trading out fine so, everything ok!

On a side note, I have fully recoded this EA with better programming and added more indicator options.

So i guess this makes this version 2.0.
Aug 03 2010 at 02:27
45 ieraksti
After closing the month at +26% i've be doing some reports to check how I stand marginally and noticed that my drawdown (Relative and Maximal, not Actual Drawdown) was only around 7% at $470...i calculated the margin required while in the drawdown and it stood to nearly only 28% (roughly $1,400) of my actual account starting balance. In other words, a lot of the balance is not being used at the moment but can be utilized for just-in-case moments.

Normally, i would be fine with that...after all +26% in the month is not a bad thing...

...but I decided to add 2 more currencies to the mix instead of just increase earnings (since increasing lot's and target earnings can multiply a problem).

Adding: GBPUSD and EURJPY as test subjects.

Aug 11 2010 at 16:13
45 ieraksti
2.1 Update

- Made a simple stop trading variable to prevent any trades from taking place. Useful when you know you will need to take your computer. Prevent's opening of 'new' trades but can continue to operate and enter trades to the ones already running.
(Will most likely update this and create scheduled stops so you can plan ahead to make sure all trades are closed.)

Other info
I finished my recode of this EA and the new EA is in testing right now. Ironically, even with the same setups, same indicators, same broker, same everything practically, the new EA outperforms this one because for some reason, it opens a lot more trades than this one currently. Even running at half the lots, the percentage gain is +80% larger than this one daily. (And i haven't figured out why yet.)

That is all for now.
Aug 17 2010 at 06:09
45 ieraksti
Forgot to leave a notice that this system will be offline for a week while I travel. Will be back online on next monday Aug 23rd.
Nov 03 2010 at 22:58
45 ieraksti
I have been away for studies but I am back and this system is now on a LIVE account starting yesterday and will post up my results after a week of testing. Thus far earning 2%.
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