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FIBOTEChMOKU (By forex_trader_[291436] )

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.


Nov 04 2019 at 15:37
1 ieraksti
This Account is Ctrader account.

Michal Rudawski (d1n3kk)
Nov 05 2019 at 09:16
3 ieraksti
Hey, is it for real and you're planning to trade on this account in next weeks/months or you're only testing your strategy? I wanted to start following your trades on cTrader but I don't know if it's stable. Profits are insane.......

Nov 05 2019 at 09:31
429 ieraksti
In this moment is opened one buy order of 1 lot eurusd and the account balance is ONLY 636 USD.
Very soon this account will be gone, that's why VARI had already withdraw almost all initial deposit, smart decision.

Nov 06 2019 at 16:13
429 ieraksti
And what I said yesterday just came true today. Account balance now is 72$!!!

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