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Forex Fury Live GBPUSD (low risk) (By Forex Fury )

Pieaugums +87.19%
Kritums (Drawdown) 41.90%
Pipi: 2349.2
Darījumi 577
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Kredīta plecs: -
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Johan Olwage (olla)
Dec 19 2018 at 09:25
43 ieraksti
Hi there, is there a reason why this ea stopped at the end of October 2018?
Let the market work for you and then follow the winners.
Dec 20 2018 at 07:57
162 ieraksti
Vader FX (incometrader)
May 12 2019 at 03:58
158 ieraksti
Wow.. Still no response. And all the other accounts are demos. Think I'll steer clear of this one.
Forex Fury (forexfuryreal)
May 13 2019 at 06:13
14 ieraksti
Email support if you have questions. Or go through any of our social media channels. This account did not stop, it uses a low max spread feature.

More live accounts on website too.
Forex Fury is the best EA ever created.
Vader FX (incometrader)
May 14 2019 at 00:06
158 ieraksti
So you're saying the spread on GBP/USD has been too high since late October 2018? I don't think so...
Forex Fury (forexfuryreal)
May 14 2019 at 06:29
14 ieraksti
It has. We need to move the account. Our max spread is 2.5 and the spread is floating around 30. I don't understand the skepticism. There's no pressure to sign up. If you need further details, please email, or contact any of our social media, we don't use this platform for communication.
Forex Fury is the best EA ever created.
Apr 24 2020 at 12:42
1 ieraksti
Id like the same question answered?
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