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FxPro1 (by ony722)

Lietotājs ir dzēsis šo sistēmu.
Italia Asterix (itasterix)
Feb 04 2011 at 10:27
15 ieraksti
Please what kind of expert is this ?

Jean (Victoriano)
Feb 04 2011 at 11:21
47 ieraksti
Italia Asterix (itasterix)
Feb 04 2011 at 11:22
15 ieraksti
ok but it is a commercial EA or have U written from your own ?

pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Feb 05 2011 at 23:07
879 ieraksti

Victoriano posted:
    This is a Martingale.

It isn't Marty. Its an Asian Scalper

donnie (szdonnie)
Feb 06 2011 at 10:24
19 ieraksti
what time frame are you using?

Feb 06 2011 at 14:39
45 ieraksti
you have to drop it only on one chart 15M and it will trade all pairs automatically,

Feb 10 2011 at 15:17
382 ieraksti
Seems to perform well only on a doggy broker like FxPro... on Alpari UK demo the performance isnt good

Feb 10 2011 at 22:57
45 ieraksti
you can also copy trades from good feed broker to bad feed broker with copy tool,

Charles (hagenuk)
Feb 11 2011 at 00:47
69 ieraksti
May I know which vendor is this EA from ?

Feb 13 2011 at 06:15
2 ieraksti
It's a japanese EA. Anyway what strikes me is that there are AUDUSD trades that mac10 doesn't do. Wonder what's responsible for those.

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