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JZ Funds Global FX Account (By Fill or Kill )

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Fill or Kill (cateful)
Apr 16 2010 at 18:30
87 ieraksti
I had quite a bit of drawdown today. We lost -3.7% today. I was caught on multiple fronts. I was caught short USDCAD, long USDJPY and long Gold. The Goldman news rocked the market today. All positions have been closed as per the risk management rules.

I thought I'd post a message explaining today's activity in the managed accounts because this is one of the bigger hits we've ever taken. Be rest assured all risk management rules are being observed and due to the heightened volatility I will not open more trades today. I will see how the market closes today and start again on Monday if the volatility comes down.
Fill or Kill (cateful)
May 29 2010 at 08:41
87 ieraksti
The spike up was the result of buying back aussie almost 1000 points lower than where I sold them at 9200. It was a very rewarding month.
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